Boracay island is one of the most pristine beaches not just in the Philippines but, in the whole world. Its powder-like white sand, ever-beautiful sunsets and crystal clear water ideed captured our hearts and made us decide to stay and live everyday in its beauty. Our mission is to share the wonders of the island with you in one of the biggest events of your life.  Let's make Borcay's showcase of natural art be the backdrop of your nuptial. The soothing breeze and calming waves can never go wrong in setting up everyone’s mood in your wedding day. The scenery, the people and your big day; we can work it out together to make your most beautiful memories and take it to infinity.

As your full service wedding organizer we are committed in planning your picture-perfect nuptials on the idyllic island of Boracay. Celebrating 9 years in the industry, we continue to produce stylish, romantic and magazine-worthy weddings that will surely make your special day last a lifetime.


Your personality is very important to us and we would like it to shine through on your big day. We dedicate our time to work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their unique personalities and make it the most important decoration in the event. We source the best quality of supplies available and work with the best professionals hence, planning meets comfort and your vision comes to life – from la-la land to a romantic tropical nuptial.

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Marvin Santiano

I am a hospitality professional with a degree in Hospitality Management from one of the most prestigious university in the Philippines and the oldest-existing in whole Asia, the University of Santo Tomas. I have an unbreakable relationship with food. Whether trying out something new in an unfamiliar restaurant, revisiting a favorite cafe or cooking it myself, it is like yoga to me. Aside from wedding and events planning, I've worked with big hotel brands like Hyatt hotels and Sofitel both in Manila and in United States which helped me improve my skills like attention to details, providing quality service and going the extra mile to meet, if not exceed, expectations and advaced my ability to understand different types of clients and keep them satisfied and delighted.  Now, I am back in the Philippines in hopes of I sharing my talents and skills with you. 


Oleg Valyn

I'm a European wedding and event’s organizer, photographer and manager of a travel and tour company with almost two decades of experience since year 2000. I truly enjoyed everything when I moved here in the Philippines in 2010, I love the culture,  the people and the incomparable beauty of its nature. Since then, I created my own version of tours and wedding events which evidently became a trend because, a lot of people started to follow the same path. I love traveling the world and looking for great ideas that I could incorporate when I execute my projects, may it be a romantic wedding or fashion photoshoot. I've been working a lot with Russian clients and speaks the language fluently. I must say I'm a very strict person when it comes to creating beautiful ideas come to life.


We are inspired by people, their journey and their life stories. The individuality of everyone is such a unique indicator how special each person is. The differences among us are immeasurable. But, through it all, people are able to connect, to project and present oneself. We are inspired to transcend these uniqueness and differences to a great product or output, may it be through a creative event or an artistic photography. We are inspired to connect with you, project your special personality -- we are inspired to represent you through the things we do best.


The journey to our name started in 2006 when  VALYN (VTA) was introduced as a travel and tour company. It catered to a lot of tourists who were seeking for a great local and nature experience.

Nine years later Oleg Valyn, with his industry experience in art and photography, VALYN.PHOTOGRAPHY was introduced in 2015. Since then, it shot a lot of major events such as fashion week, weddings, celebrity photoshoots and many more.

In 2017 we started to work together as a team that produced successful events such as weddings, corporate meetings and company tours. As a result we started ValynSantiano Inc. as well as, the journey to creating more successful and wonderful memories with our clients.



2003 — I bought my first ever digital camera. Not even close to a professional one but, from then on, shooting different kinds of subjects became my hobby. From taking pictures of class notes to being the official photographer in family gatherings. There is a great enjoyment and fulfillment in this thereupon, as my passion grows, I started to dig deeper in this industry and in 2007 I was able to buy my first professional camera. Six years later people are willing to pay me for my art. My professional journey has taken me to Jakarta, Indonesia. As a European photographer it's a fresh and exciting experience to partake of the Indonesian market. I became an accredited photographer for Indonesian Fashion Week, often invited to national television, my work Oleg Valyn Pictures was featured in Charity Exhibition in National Indonesia Museum and has done many exclusive projects with famous personalities and artists in Jakarta. Now I am back in the Philippines continuing my passion, immortalizing amazing life moments and focusing on the brightest side.


Hair and Make up


Pre-Ceremony Reception

Flower Arangment

Coctails Bars

Venue Arangement

Tribal Performers

Wedding Ceremony

Sunset Photoshoot with Guests

Dinner Reception





This young couple plan with us their romantic destination wedding to celebrate their love and togetherness with their closest friends in the island of Boracay. Precisely and miticoulusly, we have given them the options which they can choose from according to their preference and standards, from the location and venue style to their prefered photographer.  After the careful selection, they decided to have a modern tropical beach wedding that features traditional musical performers and fire dancers in the island, local Filipino food for dinner, their choice of photographer from Manila and many more amazing choices that made their nuptial special.

The big day started in two seperate rooms. One is for the young ladies with their makeup artists bringing out their stunning beauties and assisting them with their lovely dresses while the other is for the men who are, at the same time, preparing themselves. When women are all set we have arranged a transortation service ready outside their room to transfer them to their pre-ceremony reception, so as the guys. Since the day started the two groups haven't met each other  which gives extra excitement to the event. While waiting for the breath-taking sunset, both has their own seperate spots where they have their own bar, tables and couches to relax before the main event.

The white wedding arc full of various white flowers, the white-linen aisle and the gorgeous display of color by the sunset are all set and everyone is ready. The ethnic horn was blown marking the start of the the wedding ceremony. The tribal beats started to hype up everyone who have been excited all day. As the entourage walk down the isle, each took a handful of rose petals then, shower is on the path to prepare for the arrival of the much-awaited bride. While the groom is waiting at the altar/arc, the tribal musicians changed the rythm to a more upbeat, livelier one. An indicator that the beautiful bride is coming. With love and happiness the ceromony proceeded and went smooth. 

After the ceremony, we assisted the, now, husband and wife to their dinner reception. Each guests was assisted by the waitstaff with a cool hand bath before they start a sumptious local Filipino cuisine. We also provide them with a bar with a great variety of wine, spirits and local juices. During the dinner party, everyone was serenaded by two talented artists and danced along with the glaring  perfomrance of the fire dancers. We ended the night with a colorful firework display and with big smiles on everyone's faces.



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It starts with a telephone call or an email (or a snail mail if that's the preference). You may ask as many questions you want, we answer all of them and then tell you a bit more. We talk about what it takes to host a wedding in Boracay, expectations to set, possible things you’ll have to consider the, we can talk about how we'll make it work. 

This will be followed up with email and information on topics discussed during the call. This call and this period is obligation free. You should consider it as the time we use to get to know each other. As we only take a minimum number of custom weddings per year, this call and period will be based on the complexity and involvement of each event. Once your wedding is booked, we block that space out completely for you. 


We will surely do what we do best which is preserving your most memorable moments. May it be pre-wedding or the day itself. From getting the right makeup artist to finding your best angle ,we will be happy to create with you magazine-worthy photos that you can keep for a lifetime and share with your friends and family.


As your full service wedding organizer, it is our pleasure to provide you stylish venue, smooth event flow and a memorable tropical beach wedding experience. We will assist with every aspect of your wedding from venue sourcing, menu selection and transfers.



Our team is very much excited to help you make your company outing, corporate meeting or any social gathering fun and eventful. We understand how it feels to get stressed out as you work hard. It is to our satisfaction that we provide you a relaxing and meaningful events that is worth your break.